Our passion is to help entrepreneurs grow, win and stay in the game to achieve their own dreams.

Founders Backing Founders

Swift Ventures is the fund that we wish existed when we were starting out -- a low-ego, sincerely helpful firm led by former founders who get it. With decades of company-building experience, Swift provides relevant and practical “garage-to-IPO” building and scaling expertise.

While our firm is new, our team has been having fun going for it together as co-founders since 2006. We have “in the trenches” experience at building companies through every stage including IPO and acquisitions. We know what it’s like to be on top of the world one day and dealing with an existential crisis the next. We have rung the bell and know that getting there can be absolutely brutal on our bodies and relationships. Our mission and passion are to help entrepreneurs grow, win and stay in the game to achieve their own dreams.

We are guided by the belief that there is no higher calling than creating something of value to the world from scratch. But overcoming the haters, incumbents and the status quo isn’t for everyone. The name “Swift” comes from our shared experience that while there are many paths to build great companies – the best entrepreneurs have the ability to build, learn and iterate faster than others think is possible.

Investment Focus

We invest in AI and Automation companies with B2B business models. Typically, we are looking for companies that have an early compelling product with positive revenue and retention signals.

More than any focus or pedigree we value Founders that are bold and that have a high Do:Say ratio (and expect the same of ourselves)